The Weeknd must want his fans to do some extensive research with everything he's been posting recently. For the last few weeks, the singer has extensively teased Chapter VI, which is the title of his next project. He's shared multiple images that could potentially be used as cover artwork and even announced the album during one of his shows. Nothing concrete has been confirmed for the near future but it definitely feels as though something is on the way. With his latest post, things appear destined to be moving forward as the Chapter VI hints keep on piling up.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Abel has shared several fan-made portraits of himself, captioning them with the title of his next project and today, he may have revealed a major indication of what to expect from the cover art. Many of the Toronto artist's album covers show him drenched in vivid colors. My Dear Melancholy, was orange, Starboy was blue, Trilogy was black and white... You get the point. Weeknd made references to several of his past works, also including Chapter VI at the end and drowning his face in purple tones. This doesn't mean much at all, but it may confirm that the cover will be predominantly purple. With Abel, any piece of news is worthy. This may seem like nothing but it means that something is on the way, which is exciting.

At the end of the day, this could all be a reach. Maybe we're just hopefully for something that is never going to show up. However, the signs are there and we refuse to believe Chapter VI isn't a real thing.