It’s safe to say The Weeknd’s latest album, Starboy, has seen its fair share of commercial success. Not only has the album gone 2X platinum, surpassing the two million sold mark, but it also contains four platinum (or higher) songs on it as well, including “Starboy,” “I Feel It Coming,” “Party Monster,” and “Reminder” to name them.

On Monday, Abel decided to jump on his social media and share one ridiculous plaque with all his recent accolades all over it. On it, we learned that Abel is the only artist to earn a 2X platinum album within the last year, and have 4 platinum songs off it. In addition to that, Abel also received recognition for having over 35 million RIAA song awards over the past five years, which pretty much means he’s seen an insane amount of success since he first entered the game.

“RIAA recently recognized the unparalleled success of The Weeknd’s album “Starboy” as well as the artist’s prolific career notching 11 Platinum or multi-Platinum certified songs during the last five years. The Weeknd is the only artist to earn a 2X multi-Platinum album released in the last year that also includes four Platinum (or higher) songs. The “Starboy” single is 5X multi-Platinum, “I Feel It Coming” 2X multi-Platinum and “Party Monster” and “Reminder” are both Platinum. Additionally, The Weeknd received recognition for more than 35 million RIAA Song Awards achieved in just five years,” The Weekend’s caption read along with a picture of him next to the plaques.

This news comes just weeks after Abel rolled out the first preview of the new “Starboy” comic book with Marvel. Its unclear on when the first edition will be dropping, but it’s looking like early 2018 based on the artwork (see here).

Check out Abel’s record-breaking achievements & platinum plaques (below).

In other news, Abel also mentioned that he might be shaving off his beard soon, which he's had for years. "Contemplating on shaving" he wrote on IG just hours ago. See that post (below) and let us know if you think he should shave it or nah?