The Weeknd is back in the studio working on some new music at the moment, and it appears he’s been doing it with some of the same producers from his breakout debut House Of Balloons.

According to a new interview with Vogue, Abel has been back in the studio working with the HOB team. Although he didn’t clarify who exactly it is he's been connecting with, it’s safe to presume to that Illangelo, Jeremy Rose & Doc McKinney are among some of those people involved. The Weeknd did stress that he wasn’t trying to recreate that mixtape though, but instead is crafting an original piece of work.

“It’s a new thing,” The Weeknd told Vogue. “Always a new thing.”

Having pulled out of several recent commitments, including Rihanna’s European leg of her "Anti" tour, Abel says he’s had to do so because of the magic he’s making right now in the studio & he doesn’t want to lose it. “Creatively, some magic is happening right now, and I don’t want to lose it,” The Weeknd explained. “It could be an album or it could be something else, but whatever it is, music is being made.”

Read the full interview here, and stay locked for new "magical" music on the way.