The last two years have been an incredibly successful and iconic time period for The Weeknd, who has notably experienced a drastic evolution in his artistry in tandem with a massive boost in celebrity. Bookended by the exciting single releases of "Heartless" and "Blinding Lights" as well as a never-before-achieved feat on the Billboard Hot 100, The Weeknd's After Hours era will likely live on as one of the most important stretches in the Canadian artist's career, and even despite his highly debated Grammy snubsthe XO artist thinks so as well.

Simply captioned, "an era," The Weeknd's latest Instagram post features a fan-made collage that perfectly captures the magic, reinvention, and iconography of his After Hours run. Some of the pictures that make up the college include the singer-songwriter with his face wrapped in bloody bandages, the unmistakable "new face" that he debuted for his "Save Your Tears" music video, and various shots of his most popular new hairstyles. 

It's also worth considering that The XO artist's post seems to have a nostalgic vibe, almost as if he is reminiscing on the After Hours era instead of still enjoying it. The Weeknd has been known to separate his career into "chapters," so perhaps his latest post is his way of acknowledging that he is onto something new. In a rather mysterious Instagram story post that was shared in tandem with the aforementioned post, The Weeknd posted a shot from what could be an outtake from his acclaimed "Save Your Tears," and in the picture, he's seen holding a gun to his neck, potentially signaling the end of the After Hours era. 

Screenshot of the Weeknd's Instagram story on March 25, 2021Instagram

Do you think that The Weeknd is hinting at what's next to come or is he just still enjoying his victory lap following the insanely successful After Hours?