Mr. Starboy himself, The Weeknd, launched several pop-up stores in eight different cities this past weekend, from May 5th through May 7th. Fans came out in droves, lining up bright and early along Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles for a chance to get their hands on some official merchandise from the Starboy 2017 capsule collection. 

Minimalist decor adorned the interiors, with colors matching the gear with plenty of red, black and white, as well as images of the Canadian superstar and his Starboy"alter-ego

Items were priced between $27-$300, with some items selling out before fans saw the second day of business in Los Angeles. The collection featured black jackets with the words "Party Monster" inscribed and white ones with his XO insignia. Shirts with crosses, lightning bolts and other designs were also on hand. There were also location-specific items, with certain design additions signifying the piece was from a particular shop. 

See some pictures from the Los Angeles location below.