Yesterday, GQ unveiled a set of new covers for their February issue, which featured two hip-hop/r'n'b stars, Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd respectively. We've already shared some highlights from GQ's profile of Chance, and today, the publication released it's interview with The Weeknd.

In the sit-down, Abel Tesfaye speaks on the decision to cut his hair, his roots in Toronto, and becoming mainstream. He also gives his take on Donald Trump's viral "grab her by the pussy" comments. 

As for the decision to cut off his infamous locks, which ultimately made him extremely recognizable, he says, "I worked really hard on this album. And I felt like I need to relieve a lot of stress. [Cutting off my hair] feels good, ’cause I get to blend in. If I want to go to a club, I can just go and I’m not there. I can go to a restaurant and I’m not there. I look like everybody else, which is boring, but maybe I just want to look like everybody else for a bit."

When it comes to Trump's comments, Abel tells GQ, "I don’t know anybody that would do that." He continued, "I know a lot of people in the industry, and I don’t know anybody. Like, a random girl that like you just spoke to? No. I mean… No. How do you even grab a pussy? Like, is it even grabbable?" After shaking his head he added, "America, man. They never fail you."

In other news, it appears the r'n'b singer is now dating pop star Selena Gomez. 

Read GQ's full story here.