The Weeknd has maintained a mysterious presence in the music industry since he hopped on the scene. He constantly moves quietly until it's time to reveal whatever he's been working on. However, the allusiveness to his persona often time leads fan theories about his music and other ventures. Earlier this month, The Weeknd released his latest EP My Dear Melancholy,. Fans quickly made a case that he might be dropping three EP's throughout the course of the year and earlier today, there were reports that he'll be dropping a second EP, We're Alone Together, this Friday. Unfortunately for fans, this might not be the case.

A source close to Complex has dispelled rumors that The Weeknd will be releasing a second EP this week. While the project won't be dropping this year, that doesn't mean we won't hear any new music from him this year. His Instagram bio still reads, "we're along together" which still gives the impression that his next project will be titled that. Hopefully, we'll get an update or a new EP from him at some point this summer.

While he's been working heavily on music, the singer has some other ventures he's working on. Most recently, he took to Instagram to tease an upcoming collaboration he has with Bape coming in the future. He's yet to unveil when it drops but we'll keep you updated.