The slippery slope that is copyright infringement can strike when least prepared. According to a TMZ report, The Weeknd has a battle on his hands, if he's to secure exclusive rights to the trademark "Starboy."

A realtor by the name of Eymun Talasazan has filed the official documentation for the "Star Boy" trademark. A quick survey of Google brings up a series of trademarks under his name. What we do know is that he's a real estate agent, who once helped Stan Lee sell his Hollywood Hills home. That's where the linkage with Marvel Comics comes into play. 

Eymun's trademark attempt comes 11 days after Marvel and The Weeknd announced a "Starboy" comic venture. The Weeknd née Abel Tesfaye, described the deal as a dream come true. The comic will be on shelves as of June 13.

The Weeknd's legal team was able to uncover other shady attempts by Eymun. He had previously filed trademarks for "Straight Outta Bombton" and "Runnin' Through the 6." His intentions are easy to deduce, as those of a con artist seeking capital gain.

The Weeknd will see this case to court. Eymun Talasazan is not part of the creative team heading the project, let the record show.