In March, The Weeknd braced himself for summer heartbreak with the release of his My Dear Melancholy, EP, which delivered exactly what it promised; though Young Lean may profess to be the quintessential Sad Boy, Abel seems determined to snatch the title. Now, enough time has passed for his tears to evaporate, and the call of the booth has once again filled the air. It would appear that The Weeknd has returned to the studio, and judging from his body language alone, dedication is on the mental. 

When My Dear Melancholy, dropped, the more astute observed the deliberately ambiguous comma, and wondered whether the unfinished sentence signified a saga of sorts. In fact, rumors of a second project by the name of We're Alone Together spread and soon fizzled. Though perhaps what some might call a "reach," such speculation speaks to The Weeknd's creativity. And while we never actually landed the fabled sequel, perhaps the old adage "better late than never" need be applied.

If a picture says a thousand words, perhaps we can infer that Weeknd has forsaken the drama, the models, and those love and lost. Yet in reality, heartbreak and hedonism seem to be a driving force behind his pen. Could one exist without the other? Some answers are better left unsaid.