The Weeknd and Lil Uzi Vert are two of the biggest artists in the world. They've previously collaborated for "Unfazed" and with Eternal Atake and the possibility of new Weeknd on the way, there's always a chance that they may link up again in the future. Uzi just dropped his brand new single, "New Patek," a few days ago and it's been received well by his fans. The track is generally upbeat, getting you off your seat and hyping you up for over 5 minutes of action. Abel seems to be a fan of the approach Uzi took as he simultaneously plugged the new Spiderman video game and "New Patek" on Instagram.

If you're into games, you're aware that Spider-Man PS4 dropped earlier this month and it's pretty dope. Many, including The Weeknd, have been playing it in their spare time and Abel's playlist while gaming had him pumped to beat up some bad guys. He posted a gallery on his profile with the first upload being of him holding his controller and the next showing him playing the game and blasting "New Patek." 

Uzi and Weeknd have both been rumored to be dropping for some time as the Canadian crooner's last effort came back in March with the My Dear Melancholy EP. Of course, both were featured on the XO Tour, which inspired Uzi to the point where he crafted his most popular song to date, "XO Tour Llif3."