The Weeknd is offering fans the chance to own one-time only apparel based around his My Dear Melancholy album. The merch drop will only be available for 4 whole days. The 7-piece collection comes replete with memorable lyrics and artwork associated with the EP. The aforementioned elements will be cut and sewn together by hand, including a custom vest entirely outfitted by Levi Strauss & Co. All images have been provided by The Weeknd's publicist via the artist's own portfolio.



My Dear Melancholy went straight to number one upon its release at the end of March/beginning of April. The EP primarily produced by Frank Dukes, explores dark subject matter made apparent at first glance once you see the cover piece. Even the merch line denotes the darker tendencies of the Toronto artist.

A rougher textural quality, interwoven fabric and an oversized fit are all elements that tie together his overall aesthetic. Between this capsule launch and the last, The Weeknd has demonstrated subtlety of craft, no matter the medium he chooses to explore.

The Weeknd last emerged with a product line in preparation for his Starboy comic with Marvel. The STARBOY Vol. I Issue introduced us to a world in which the battle over good deeds is met with temptation. For his most recent unveiling, The Weeknd prepared a lookbook so potential buyers can see the wears in their prototypical form. Several of the My Dear Melancholy-themed model shots are available below, courtesy of The Weeknd's publicist.

Just over 3 days and 20 hours remain. You can cop right here, if interested.