Despite being spotted on countless occasions cozying up with Chantel Jeffries at Coachella this weekend, The Weeknd maintains that is he simply having his fun. Paparazzi have scouted him in on a few occasions sharing some PDA with a few notable characters, past and present. Apparently, spotters witnessed him and ex Bella Hadid trading words and glances over the weekend. Those in attendance described it as a "friendly" encounter.

In the spirit of making exaggerated claims, he was also seen hugging it out with Kendall Jenner on day three of the festival. Mind you, there isn't a lot of evidence to support anything beyond the hug itself. The pair also took a group photo, with Belly, French Montana, Diddy, etc. Who knows how many hugs were shared or dispensed by the gang. Leaving your calling card or a strong impression is never a bad look, Abel.

The real juicy overlay comes via photographs showing The Weeknd and Bieber's ex Chantel Jeffries holding each other closely during a Coachella set. Even so, proper hotel etiquette has given us zero leads to work with. TMZ reports that beyond the lack of physical evidence, The Weeknd has gone on the record to deny he is dating anyone. A lot of people will be disappointed to hear the Justin Bieber dating parable die down.