The Weeknd has been donating a lot of his money to the causes that matter to him, parting ways with upwards of two million dollars through his recent philanthropic work. This week, he donated $300,000 to a Beirut Explosion Relief fund.

The Toronto native reportedly parted ways with another large sum of money for Global Aid for Lebanon, which is using donations to assist the families and victims of those affected in the horrific explosion in Lebanon. As you have surely seen by now, Beirut was hit with a massive explosion, creating a mushroom cloud over the city and killing over 200 people.

The announcement was made by Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, The Weeknd's manager, who also thanked Live Nation for making a $50,000 donation.

"I am so honored and humbled to work with artists who have such deep care for the world and right now for our brothers & sisters of Lebanon who are in pain and need our collective help," wrote Sal. "I want to thank my brother @theweeknd for his generous and class act of donating $300,000 to the Global Aid for Lebanon campaign."

Several months ago, The Weeknd also donated $500,000 to various groups connected to the Black Lives Matter protests. He also donated $500,000 to a COVID-19 relief fund

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

According to Variety, his philanthropic efforts have reached $2.15 million in just over two months.