The Weeknd brought us his full-length Starboy release last fall, but the ripple effects from that LP continue to send shockwaves through the world of mainstream radio. After four very successful single releases, the R&B singer has officially named a fifth track that he will be pushing in a big way: "Die For You." It has been featured in the HBO show Insecure and was listed among Billboard's Top TV Tracks this past week.

The song will have big shoes to fill, considering The Weeknd's elongated streak of getting spins both from radio jocks and those controlling their own DJ playlists at home, via Spotify, Apple Music or any other similar service. The eponymous track, which was also the first single that the Canadian artist released in anticipation of Starboy dropping last year, helped propel the album to the 1 billion streams mark much faster than anticipated. His follow-up, "I Feel It Coming," was another smash single, teaming as he did on "Starboy" with Daft Punk to create incredibly smooth, dancefloor-ready beats that gave unique instrumental support to his already-iconic voice. "Party Monster" went in a different direction, combining some melancholic synths chords with a bass-filled trap beat that drags his vocals into darker territory. The same could be said for "Reminder" as well, taking a more introspective angle to the story behind the words in that particular track. Now, "Die For You" is set to showcase yet another side of The Weeknd's impressive musical chops.

Featuring lines like "I just can't say that I don't love you," this upcoming single is a love song that is framed by some slow, sexy beats that are somewhat reminiscent of "Earned It," the bedroom anthem that he made for the soundtrack of the first installment in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie franchise. A little less on the bombastic side, preferring to keep things low-key when speaking to the love interest mentioned in the lyrics, "Die For You" will undoubtedly be another strong radio airplay gainer as we near the one-year mark of the album's dominance on the airwaves. Could it be a ballad about current girlfriend Selena Gomez, who just overcame a life-threatening experience of her own? The answer to that query remains to be seen.

Check out both the Spotify and Apple Music streams for the song below.

[Via Hop-Hop N More]