It was a big night for fans of The Weeknd's older music.

The artist has had this year on lock with his spectacular album After Hours, which is one of the best full-length bodies of work to have released in 2020, as well as his single "Blinding Lights", which is breaking records on the Billboard Hot 100. The Toronto native is one of the most fascinating forces in the music industry and he has been for a while. 

Last night, Bryson Tiller released the deluxe edition of his debut studio album T R A P S O U L and, on it, he included The Weeknd's remix of "Rambo: Last Blood", which has one of Abel's best performances ever.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

That wasn't all for him though because, shortly after it was added to streaming services, The Weeknd surprised fans with another treat.

"Timeline still up?" he asked on Instagram. "Fuck it... king of the fall officially on all platforms too. just for og xo."

As reported by Hypebeast, this particular song has had an interesting history on streaming services. It was initially released during the lead-up to Beauty Behind The Madness but it was never added to the tracklist, subsequently being removed from Spotify. It was then re-added and removed again, before an unauthorized account posted it, disappearing again in 2018.

Hopefully, this time it stays on streaming for good.

Who's listening to "King of the Fall" today?