Oprah Winfrey is hip to it. Between deep breaths and deep consolation, Oprah finds a minute to commend the Weeknd at what is presumably a backstage moment for the two to meet more formally. There's no one age fits all congregation when you're referring to black excellence. In fact, I believe there is very much a renaissance of sorts occuring as we speak, with Oprah at the helm.

Here we have Oprah telling him to keep his foot on the pedal and to march on without Selena; keep pumping out radio friendly tunes m'friend. Oprah needs no introduction to the world The Weeknd inhabits. Her quick modular thinking is meant to surpass our limits and goals as a race.

This photo right here speaks pretty candidly about all the  'behind the scenes' work Oprah is doing to embolden our youngsters.

Love you always, Oprah â™¡