Yesterday, in a revelatory with Teen Vogue, 20-year-old model Bella Hadid admitted that she's still hurting over her breakup with The Weeknd. As for Starboy, he's very much in the holiday spirit on this Valentine's Day, thanks to his new woman, Selena Gomez

New pics have surfaced from this weekend, proving that The Weeknd called upon his new sweetheart to calm his nerves before his anticipated performance at Sunday night's Grammys. The night before the awards show, The Weeknd and his pop star girlfriend, whom he's been public with for about a month, boarded a luxury yacht in Marina Del Ray, CA, where they were spotted making out on a love seat. 

They were onboard the boat from about 7 PM to 1 AM, according to an eyewitness. What ensued was likely too private a scenario for the yacht deck.

"Selena looked happy and in a romantic mood. The Weeknd looked happy and very amorous," the witness told E.T. "They were very intimate and looked very much in love." 

Hadid won't be happy to learn that Gomez, thought to be a close acquaintance of her's, has taken her ex's heart just a few months after it was in her possession.

Gomez's ex, another superstar Canadian in Justin Bieber, will also likely greet this report with disgust. Instead of attending the Grammys, he spent Sunday night trolling The Weeknd. While on Instagram Live, he answered a fan's question about his favorite song at the moment. He attempted to say The Weeknd's "Starboy" with a straight face, before breaking out into uncontrollable laughter. 

According to E.T., Gomez was also recently spotted going lingerie shopping in L.A. It's safe to say The Weeknd's Valentine's Day shall be rather lit, hopefully away from the paparazzi.