At this point, the romance between The Weeknd and Selena Gomez no longer exists on the rumor mill -- they're officially the hottest new couple in the music industry. Selena has been by The Weeknd's side throughout his South American tour, and they've been followed every step of the way. 

While in São Paulo this past weekend -- in what turned out to be a frightening scene -- they were swarmed by fans while driving to the venue for Lollapalooza Brasil. Things were much calmer when in Buenos Aires yesterday -- ahead of The Weeknd's Saturday concert, as Selena affectionately clung onto her man as they strolled down a quiet street. That was until Abel spotted a cameraman slyly filming them across the street. 

Once he saw the paparazzi, he quickly removed Selena's arms from around his neck, and they proceeded to walk hand-in-hand. They've already been outed as a couple, but they're always cautious to keep the PDA to a minimum -- as "public" has a different definition for them than it does for the rest of us. Starboy must've been ready for the constant threat of exposure when he decided to court the most-followed woman on Instagram.