The Weeknd's "Starboy" was one of the biggest songs to release in 2016. The lead single to the album of the same name did huge radio numbers, becoming a staple in his performance catalog. The collaboration with Daft Punk was one of the many they worked on for the project but it appears as though they may have been heavily influenced by outside sources. Almost every single song released is bound to sound a little bit like another. The beauty of creating music is trying to find a sound that's unique and works for you. The Weeknd has definitely mastered his sound but it appears as though he and Daft Punk may have unintentionally borrowed elements from another artist.

TMZ is reporting that Abel and the French electronic duo are being sued for at least $5 million for stealing the blueprint to "Starboy." The claims are being made by an artist named Yasminah as she writes that her song "Hooyo" contains the skeletal foundation of Weeknd's hit. It is written in the legal documents that the similarities are "obvious to the ear," claiming that they share the same hook, key, and tempo. Yasminah also says that there's a clap on the second and fourth beat that is identical to the one in her track. 

The singer is currently suing Weeknd and Daft Punk for at least $5 million in damages. Do you think "Starboy" borrows from "Hooyo" after listening to both?