The Weeknd may be the most melancholic artist since dandies in the romantic era, but it would appear he's not entirely void of happiness. Fans of Abel's mystique have no doubt tracked his relationship status with utmost attention, as let's face it, that's what Stans do. To be fair, The Weeknd is the type of artist who wears his heart on his sleeve, and his ongoing relationships and breakups tend to have a profound effect on his music. For that reason, many were quick to dub his recent My Dear Melancholy EP a Selena Gomez centered album. He's not afraid to catch feelings.

As it happens, the ever watchful eyes over at TMZ seem to have a spy network deeper than Varys in Game Of Thrones. The publication actually caught The Weeknd overseas, where he's been chilling in Cannes with old flame Bella Hadid. From the sound of it, the couple seem to be back on track. You can catch pictures of them leaving a party together here. The publication's statisticians claim that Abel and Hadid haven't been a couple for eighteen months, but as the old adage goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

There's no telling what might come of The Weeknd's future musical direction. Perhaps his melancholic aura will fade, replaced by, at the very least, a tepid ennui. Baby steps.