Marlon Wayans has shared some of his reflections of the journey he embarked upon with his brother, Shawn Wayans, 24 years ago. The pair of comedians launched their very own sitcom that reached audiences across the US and became a popular success. In honor of the show's anniversary, Marlon offered some insights into the good and bad parts of the production's run.

"We were 21 & 23 year old kids from the projects of Manhattan that created, exec produced, and starred in our very own sitcom. We were fearless, young, crazy, funny, physical, edgy and free," he wrote. "We got skewered by critics, attacked by elders and often attacked by groups. Shawn and i never caved. We kept it “real”. We did it for the audience."

The love they have for their fans was even more meaningful considering how their network failed them. "They never credited us with being the premiere show of the WB network. Never gave us credit for often beating NBC’s #1 hit Friends in many markets including Atlanta," he continued. "Never got the respect to do a final episode after a five season run. But what we did get was the respect and love from our audience."

Despite the difficulties posed by industry figures and entities, including the network who profited from their success, Marlon is proud of what he accomplished with his sibling. Their efforts are still fruitful to this day. Read his full scoop below.