In 2018, The Walking Dead became the year's most-pirated television series according to numbers from TorrentFreak, a complement to the news of Walking Dead also being cable's biggest show of the year even with a dip in ratings. For the last four years, the show trailed behind The Game Of Thrones, which was ineligible for the list in 2018 because it produced no new episodes. This means that The Walking Dead was ultimately the most-pirated show that aired new episodes.

"While Game of Thrones is excluded this year it doesn’t mean that the show isn’t being pirated. Game of Thrones torrents remain the most sought-after season bundles on torrent sites," reports TorrentFreak. "In fact, if all downloads from previous episodes and seasons would count, GoT would likely still be on top. This is also what IKnowWhatYouDownload suggests. We, therefore, have no doubt that it will return to the top of the charts for a grand finale next year when the final season airs."

In addition, Game of Thrones was the most-watched program on the Comcast Xfinity cable platform. The new season of the series is set to arrive this year, however, and will more than likely cast a great shadow over all other programs in its wake.