AMC's flagship series The Walking Dead has been one of the most celebrated series in recent memory. Throughout the nine-season run, which found a total of four showrunners contributing to the cause, TWD has experienced a few ups and downs. For the most part, however, the franchise has been consistently enjoyable, and recent showrunner Angela Kang has been doing excellent work on the ninth season.

Despite losing several prominent players, including longtime regular Andrew Lincon (who will soon reprise jugular-biting hero Rick Grimes in a string of original Walking Dead movies), The Walking Dead seems to have hit a late game stride. As such, AMC has renewed the series for a tenth season, set to air in October. 

Paul Butterfield/Getty Images

The announcement was made Monday, with AMC sharing an eerie, Whisperers-centric announcement post. The Whisperers stand among Robert Kirkman's more macabre creations, who made their television debut during the recent midseason finale. Their basic M.O. is to don the skin of "walkers," in efforts to move through herds undetected. It would appear that the eerie bunch are sticking around for the long haul, bringing a touch of discomforting horror to the mix. Overall, fan response has been positive, and it's nice to see Walking Dead rediscovering its swagger. Have you been following the series since day one?