Just as Facebook is dealing with a pretty major data scandal, another little scandal took place on the social media site taking advantage of loyal Frank Ocean fans. An unofficial Facebook page for Frank made a post on Monday evening promising new music from the artist. Fans, of course, believed it as it had the certified blue checkmark. Someone posted a link to a website with the caption "plenty of new frank ocean leaks coming soon.”

The page (@FrankOceanPage) has since been deleted. 

At first, people just assumed his page was hacked, but his mother made it be known that her son doesn't even have a Facebook page. 

A rep for Frank told the Fader that the page is not Frank's and they are looking into how it got verified in the first place. 

Although the post was fake, we do know that Frank's Tumblr page is very much his and he shared a bit of a cryptic post not too ago that alluded at some new tunes this year. "If you liked 2017, you'll love…2018," a man's hat read in a picture. 

We're ready when you are, Frank.