The Vegas Golden Knights were founded in 2017. Many expansion teams take a few years to get to a point where they are competing on a championship level. Whether it be lack of good players, or lack of fan support, many new teams struggle in every aspect until they find their place in both their arena and in the hearts of their city's residents. That is not the case with the Golden Knights, who beat the Los Angeles Kings on Sunday in a stunning victory. The Golden Knights are now just one game away from making history.

The Knights earned their first playoff road victory and first playoff rally in the 3-2 victory against the Kings. They now lead the series 3-0, and if they sweep the Kings, they will earn another astonishing record. They are also the first NHL franchise to clinch a playoff berth in an inaugural season since the Hartford Whalers and Edmonton Oilers in 1979.

The Kings defenseman Drew Doughty came back from a one-game suspension, but it made little difference. The Kings are one of only four teams in NHL history to overcome a 0-3 deficit. Game 4 will kick off Tuesday night in Los Angeles.