The Underachievers have recently used special occasions to drop off two new tracks, one for 4/20 and one for Mother's Day (both harder than either holiday would suggest). Fans have appreciated the new music, though some are still wondering about Lords of Flatbush 2, which was supposed to have dropped in February. Luckily, the wait is nearing its end, as Issa went on Instagram last night to reveal that he and AK will be releasing LOF2: It Happened In Flatbush some time this week. 

Issa told his followers that the new Underachievers project will arrive via the duo's SoundCloud and that it will be released "randomly." It Happened In Flatbush is the sequel to the original Lords of Flatbush, released in 2013 via Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. Peep the fantastic cover art for the upcoming project below, and follow The Underachievers on SoundCloud to stay woke for this week's surprise release.