Earlier this week Travi$ Scottunveiled the Rodeo cover, which features his likeness as an action figure. According to Scott, the action figure was not created solely for the cover and will soon be available for purchase.

It's a savvy sales move that has the potential to boost sales, generate press, and create an iconic image associated with the album. It'll be surprising if he doesn't end up packaging the action figure with the album for a cool $29.99 in the vein of Curren$y's Pilot Talk III deal.

The action figure has more than one application. It could be used to recreate Scott's legendary on-stage shenanigans, or it could be put in a glass case and saved as a collector's item in hopes that it'll become the next Honus Wagner T206.

The figure is not on the market just yet, stay tuned for more information. Will you be copping?