Ah, the XXL Freshman Freestyle, in which up-and-coming rappers get 90 seconds or less to prove their worth with 16 bars. As meaningless as the entire XXL Freshman issue is, this is possibly the most inconsequential part of the whole charade. 

Here we have singers and swag-rappers trying to go toe-to-toe with guys who are battle rappers looking to advance their careers-- it's just apples and oranges at a certain point. How are you going to try to hold OJ Da Juiceman to the same standards as Cory Gunz

Be that as it may, guys who have never touched a cypher in their lives often accept spots on the XXL cover, only to look like complete fools when their turn comes to spit 16. Sometimes it's guys who will eventually flop, other times it's perfectly successful rappers in their own right just being out of their element. 

Read on to get the ten most embarrassing, low-grade freestyles in XXL Freshman history, presented in alphabetical order. The class of 2012 is exempt because the magazine opted to do BET Awards-style group cyphers that year, so consider yourself lucky, Iggy Azalea