The name Tamagotchi may spark feelings of nostalgia for most millennials. The toy pet resulted in an epidemic wherein children, teenagers and even adults took their parenting duties extremely when it came to caring for their digital pet. While the original toy launched almost 23 years ago today, in 1996, the company behind the virtual pet craze have announced they would be bringing it back. Bandai America precisely revealed there would be a revamped take of the plastic egg toy, set to officially hit the market on May 13th.

Just like the 1996 toy, the refurbished item will allow users to raise a virtual pet from an egg to maturity, altogether while providing it with the food and care necessary for its appropriate growth. The creators have also linked the toy to a joint app, which will give players access to seasonal events and games. They will also have the chance to earn Gotchi Points which may be used in a virtual store to make purchases for their pet child. The Tamagotchi On app will thus offer users the ability to share their Tamagotchi-love with fellow players.

Moreover, the app will grant a space to "communicate with friends, trade gifts, and find characters for your Tamagotchi to marry and create a new generation of virtual pets with." Furthermore, the latter even lets you meet up with other players through a cross-device feature so your Tamagotchi can get boo'd up.