Suicide Squad was a box office hit, grossing nearly $750 million worldwide. Still, it was widely panned by fans and critics for bad writing and awkward interactions. Fast forward to 2019. A sequel is being put together by James Gunn, who was hired by DC when he was fired by Marvel/Disney. Although Gunn is back with Marvel, he is still working with DC as well. Gunn crafted both Guardians Of The Galaxy films, and enjoyed both box office success and good reviews. Now, he will take that same energy to the Suicide Squad sequel. 

Simply titled The Suicide Squad, the sequel film is a soft reboot of sorts. A few old cast members are coming back from the original (such as Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Viola Davis' Amanda Waller), but there is a long list of new faces. Gunn took to social media to introduce the new cast to the world with a promotional poster for The Suicide Squad. Joining the sequel cast is Idris Elba, who was first set to replace Will Smith's Deadshot, but is now confirmed to be playing an unknown new role. Pete Davidson, John Cena, Jennifer Holland, Michael Rooker, and Sean Gunn also join the cast, with the last two names jumping from Guardians of the Galaxy into Suicide Squad. The film is set to debut in August 2021.