During last night's post-game celebration, Stephen Curry was seen walking around the court at Oracle Arena with a fat cigar in his mouth, which he continued to puff while speaking with the guys on NBA TV.

It's certainly not uncommon for athletes to unwind with a nice celebratory cigar after a championship victory, but Steph had been waiting a year to smoke that very cigar and he intended to roast every last bit of it.

As it turns out, when the Warriors had a 3-1 lead over the Cavs in last year's Finals, Curry had purchased some cigars to smoke when they repeated as champions. Of course, the Cavs came back to win the series.

So Curry gave those cigars to a friend to hang on to until this season when the Warriors could avenge last year's collapse.

"I told one of my close friends to save this [cigar] for a year from now to be able to enjoy the process and journey," Curry explained. "I've been waiting a whole year to smoke this. So I'm going to enjoy every last bit of this butt."

Check out some of the images from Curry's post-game celebration in the gallery above as well as in the video clip below.