It's been some time in the making but The Simpsons showrunners are getting some heated flack for one of the shows most beloved characters, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

Apu is an Indian convenience-store employee who is voiced by a white actor, Hank Azaria. The controversy behind the show is making headlines as of late due to writer-comedian Hari Kondabolu's latest video on the matter called The Problem with Apu. The short documentary touches on exactly what the title suggests - how the character fits into America's history of stereotypes around people who are non-white. 

TMZ recently caught up with Hank at the airport where they asked him his thoughts on the criticism surrounding Apu's character.

"I think the documentary made some really interesting points," he says in the video below. "Gives us a lot of things to think about and we really are thinking about it. And definitely, anybody that was hurt or offended by any character or vocal performance is really upsetting that that was offensive or hurtful to anybody. And I think it's an important conversation definitely worth having."

He ends his comment saying the team is "really thinking about it" and there's "a lot to digest."

Hari recently spoke with The Washington Post on his opinion of Apu from his past documentary, watch here

What do you guys think? How can The Simpsons change Apu's character to make him less offensive or is it too late?