In 2013, Stephen King surprised his fans by delivering Doctor Sleep, a sequel to his classic novel The Shining. Of course, many have come to associate The Shining with Stanley Kubrick's cinematic classic, a film that actually drew a lukewarm response from King. Regardless of where you stand, The Shining soon became one of King's most famous works, which inherently raised expectations for Doctor Sleep upon its release. Luckily, King managed to deliver a respectable continuation of his saga, bringing Danny Torrence back into the fold for a strange and occasionally nostalgic tale. Now, the first look at the upcoming Doctor Sleep adaptation has been revealed. 

Mario Tama/Getty Images

With King veteran Mike Flanagan behind the camera and Ewan McGregor in a starring role, Doctor Sleep appears to be in good hands. Flanagan already did excellent work in adapting Gerald's Game for Netflix, and his recent Haunting Of Hill House series served to captivate a mass audience, many of whom didn't even watch horror as a general rule. As for the trailer itself, Doctor Sleep appears to be sticking relatively close to the source material, providing glimpses of Abra, Rose The Hat and her True Knot collective, and many callbacks to Kubrick's classic film.

If you have any love for The Shining, be sure to check out this trailer below. Look for Doctor Sleep to hit theatres on September 24th. What do you think about this one?