We are all aware how politically charged the cast of Lin Manuel Miranda's Broadway show Hamilton are. After they infamously called out Mike Pence in a show he attended last November, people have been praising the play and the actors and it looks like now they have another reason to celebrate them.

This afternoon Phillipa Soo, Rene Elise Goldsberry and Jasmine Cephas Jones, who play the Schuyler sisters in Hamilton, performed a beautifully harmonized rendition of "America The Beautiful" at the pre-game ceremony of Superbowl LI. While all three women looked and sang like angels, the most sensational part of their performance is probably their improvisation of the lyrics of the anthem.

The singers took it upon themselves to make the classic song more inclusive and tolerant and even added lines to make the patriotic song feel more modern singing, "And crown thy good with brotherhood, and sisterhood, from sea to shining sea."

Check out a clip of the performance below.