2015 marks five years since Jeremih's last album, three since his his last full-length mixtape and two since the supposed first single of his next album dropped. Time and time again, fans have asked where the new Jeremih album is, only to be rewarded with another false start from Def Jam. 

Recently, we've seen a lot of artists claim that they feel "imprisoned" by major label deals, but Jeremih's case is possibly the most unfortunate. Songs have been reworked to be more commercially-friendly, leaked out in unfinished forms, taken down from SoundCloud and YouTube minutes after being posted-- this whole thing is really a mess. The saga of Jeremih's still-unreleased third album is ongoing, and there's really no end in sight at this point.

The best we can do right now is trace the haphazard path of everything we know about the project, thought to be titled Late Nights: The Album, and hope for the best.