Rebranding can serve a couple purposes. It can be timed to modernize someone’s look to coincide with updating their product, or it can be used to hide the fact that a business is failing miserably. The Sacramento Kings are the latest team to update their look for the modern era, and you can probably guess which camp they fall into.

Per the Kings PR, “the new primary emblem is inspired by the Kings classic logo. It is reimagine to reflect the civic and franchise pride that has lasted and grown for a generation.” It’s probably also a means of establishing the Kings as turning over a new leaf after they almost moved to Seattle a few years ago (this writer is still salty about that).

Season ticket holders who have been around since the team moved to Sacramento in 1985 are getting free merchandise. On top of that, the franchise offered to pay for a limited number of fans to get tattoos of the new logo, as long as they tweeted the final product. People lined up in droves, as you can see from one tweet below.

The Sacramento Kings’ new arena, the Golden 1 Center, will open this fall. However, no logo, arena or tattoos can save the Kings from a meddling owner, inexperienced GM and dysfunctional team. If they're going to lose, at least they'll do it in style?