Actor, wrestler, and America's sweetheart Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is back and continuing to impress fans with his work ethic and health. In preparation of the new DC movie Black Adam, where Johnson is set to star as the DC comic book villain, the actor is back in the gym, seemingly with a new approach to fitness.

Johnson looks as fit as ever, showing off robust gains and insane, boulder-like thighs, fitting for his new character. It's hard to believe that such a physical feat is possible, especially for someone who's spent decades in Hollywood, in the wrestling ring, and on football fields. Still, if his size and strength haven't impressed you yet, this Instagram reveal, chock full of pulsing veins and sculpted arms is sure to set the record straight.

With the help of personal trainer Dave Rienzi, Johnson has embraced a more vigorous approach to his already-strenuous workout routine: "Been working extremely hard dieting, training and conditioning unlike any other role of my entire career." The actor describes the process as highly-personalized, offering that Rienzi is "constantly fine tuning our strategy daily." 

Johnson certainly has every right to be proud of his hard work, though the "work" may speak for itself. While he's still grateful and motivated at the gym, he admits in his caption that it hasn't been easy: "Manipulating water, sodium, cardio but also having to push and pull real iron to have dense, dry, detailed muscle. It’s a real science that takes months and months to dial it all in."

Will you be refreshing his Instagram page for updates or will you be in theaters next year to see how the regimen turns out? Let us know.

Check out the post below.