We all know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as one of the most electrifying professional wrestlers of all time. He's also become one of the highest-paid action stars in Hollywood, continuing his reign as one of the most exciting stars in the industry. He usually provides some gems on his social media profiles, poking fun at Kevin Hart on the regular. Today, he was in the mood to reminisce on his pre-WWE days, telling a personal story about one of his favourite Tupac Shakur songs and encouraging his fans to stay true to themselves at all times.

Before he was scouted by World Wrestling Entertainment, Rock was performing on the independent scene for dozens of fans. At one point, he was set to wrestle a match at a flea market in Memphis for the USWA. He decided to walk out to Tupac's "All Eyez On Me" as his entrance music but the promoter stopped him after the fight and threatened to fire him for it. "There's kids out there, there's a lot of 'motherfuckers' in the song and n-words," said the organizer. Dwayne ended up standing his ground and using the clean version for the rest of his stay in the company. He told the story as Pac came on during his workout, stopping between sets to talk to his fans. 

He noted that the track will always be one of his "personal anthems" since it represented his struggle to get to the top.