Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took to instagram today to officially unveil his own pair of headphones, which he says have been int he works for nearly two years. Thus far, Johnson's "Project Rock" collection with Under Armour has consisted of sneakers that sell out in record time and an equally popular line of apparel, and we expect these new headphones to follow suit.

The wireless headphones have only been revealed in an all-business black colorway so far, featuring Under Armour's UA logo as well as The Rock's signature Brahma Bull logo on the ear piece. 

As The Rock himself describes, "It’s our time to shut the world out and anchor in. I prefer training in “over the ear” headphones, but have been consistently disappointed(pissed is a better word) with every pair, from every brand that just couldn’t handle my workouts. I thought if no one is going to design headphones BUILT FOR TRAINING, then I would. And I’d make them the best. Almost 2 years later, they’ve arrived. Our next @underarmour collection DROPS NEXT WEEK 6/28. #ProjectRockWireless#Durability#Functionality#HighQuality#BadAss."

Under Armour has not yet revealed the availability or pricing info for the Project Rock headphones but with the June 28 release date rapidly approaching, we expect to learn more in the very near future.