Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a man of many enterprises, and now, he's added another accomplishment to his already-stacked resume. The beloved entertainer slash businessman has officially teamed up with Under Armour, bringing forth the latest in wireless, noise-canceling headphone technology. Marketed as essential for the gym, should you be interested in shutting yourself away from the clanging metal weights and the grunting of strained individuals, the "Project Rock" wireless headphones promise top of the line performance.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images 

The new line of headphones, which officially launch today, can be purchased here for the price of $199. UA Stormproof technology and an IPX7 rating ensure protection from your torrential sweat floods, while The Rock's motivational mantra of  "Blood. Sweat. Respect." serve as a reminder of your case. Should you be interested in learning more about the "Project Rock" tech specs, be sure to check out the full checklist right here

Why not take it from the man himself? "My new @projectrock @underarmour True Wireless in-ear headphones takes your training and gains to the next level," he writes, via IG. "Engineered for the hardest workouts on the planet and highest quality of sound. Like my fine tequila in your ear." A plug-filled plug for plugs.