A size 8.5 pair of "Red October" Nike Air Yeezy IIs are now available for the price of $6,499 at WALMART. According to the bizarre listing, the kicks are in brand new condition with the original box and comes with all accessories including the original receipt.

The $6,499 price tag is right on par with consignment shops like Flight Club but, Walmart? We're out here talkin' about Walmart? How does one of the most sought after sneakers find itself on the shelf of a store that specializes in Fruit Of The Loom back to school specials and Aleve Direct Therapy devices for lower back pain?

We don't have those answers but if you're interested you can check out the Red October listing right here.

As a reference, the next highest priced sneaker listed on the site is this $46 Reebok Lm Cardio Ultra: