Yesterday, Quavo announced that his long-awaited collaboration album with Travis Scott has been "shipped off to mixing," indicating that the project is still coming, it's only a matter of when. And while entering the mixing stage confirms that the as-of-now untitled album has moved into phase two, the process may very well still take a while to come to fruition, especially if the engineer has a busy schedule. And since this is Quavo and Travis Scott we're talking about, you know they'll be looking for the top tier sound engineers to bring their work to life. 

After Quavo fired off the Tweet, many speculated that the duo would be working with Alex Tumay, one of hip-hop's most sought after engineers. After all, Tumay has previously worked with Travis Scott on Rodeo, and has been Young Thug's go to engineer for a minute now, working on Barter 6, Jeffery, Beautiful Thugger Girls and more. In fact, Tumay has elevated himself into one of Atlanta's unsung heroes, and it's no surprise that his name continued to pop up during speculation. One curious fan posed the question directly to the man himself, asking if he would be mixing the upcoming Quavo/Travis tape. Tumay's response? A simple straightforward "nope."

While this may be disappointing to some, particularly those audio nerds out there who appreciate the beauty of a stellar mix, rest easy. While unconfirmed, some fans have pointed to the legendary Mike Dean as a potential candidate. Still, it's cool to see Tumay in the conversation, and the fact that many considered him to be an ideal choice is a testament to the work he has put in thus far. In fact, we actually had the honor of speaking with Alex Tumay about his career path, engineering practices, and more. If you're curious in reading more about his journey, check it out by hitting the link above.