At the end of The Punisher season one, Frank Castle confronted his old friend Billy Russo. After a bloody battle, Castle drags Russo's face across a broken mirror, ripping his face open and setting him up to become the villain Jigsaw. While in the comics Jigsaw's face is a completely mutilated piece of madness, the Netflix television show is going another route with the character. A new clip from the second season of The Punisher shows Russo wearing a white mask while in therapy. His doctor instructs him to decorate the mask, something he scoffs at. 

The Netflix and Marvel series also shared a promo GIF that cycles through Russo's looks from beginning to end. When fans stop the GIF at the right moment, Russo can be seen wearing the white mask. The damaged villain does decide to decorate it though, and draws a fragmented face that looks destroyed and tortured. Although his real face only has a few scars from the fight with Castle, Russo has drawn himself a more sinister mug. Speaking with CBR, actor Ben Barnes broke down the mindstate of the villain. "I think what I'm allowed to say is that it's not just about the physical,” Barnes stated. “He's had his head very much traumatized in the same way that veterans receive these kind of head traumas and psychological trauma as well, so he's dealing with both of those things very much in a similar way to how veterans might deal with TBIs from coming back from war and everything." The Punisher season 2 debuts on January 18.