The Marvel shows on Netflix are falling like flies. First, The Defenders was confirmed to be over. Fans weren't surprised, but they were a little disappointed. It would have been entertaining to see Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones team up again. A year later, Netflix canceled Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Fans were in shock, but the cancelation of Daredevil really sent things spiraling out of control. Petitions got signed, articles were written, and even the actors and crew of the show were confused. With those three shows off the table, the fates of The Punisher and Jessica Jones were looking grim.

The second season of The Punisher dropped in January, and Business Insider reports that there was a 40% drop in viewership. Netflix rarely releases viewership numbers, so this study was conducted by Jumpshot. Research shows that although The Punisher had a 40% drop, both Luke Cage and Iron Fist had much bigger losses in between seasons. Luke Cage and Iron Fist had a 63% and 69% reduction, respectively. Daredevil dropped 61% from its second to third season. It's unlikely the public will get a clear cut answer on how successful The Punisher season two is until Netflix announces whether the show has been canceled or not.