Attorney General Jeff Landry ruled in favour of the officers responsible in Alton Sterling's untimely dath, ultimately deciding they had acted in a "reasonable and justifiable manner." The Baton Rouge Police Department however does not share that sentiment, as they have decided to part ways with Blane Salamoni, the officer responsible for shooting and killing Mr. Sterling.

Police Chief Murphy Paul made the announcement on Friday, clearly indicating that Salamoni's actions were outside the limits of authority. He added: “These actions were not minor deviations from policy, as they contributed to the outcome to the death of another human being." His partner, Howie Lake, has been suspended for three days without pay, for his negligence during the act. Howie Lake helped pin Sterling to the ground but did not fire his weapon at any point. The discrepancy between the two rulings is summed up in that argument. Salamoni's temper is believed to have escalated the situation beyond a point of reasonable control. 

Demonstrations against police brutality have only intensified as they become tangled in the politics of gun control. This Alton Sterling ruling is but one of many posing a threat to civil order. The calculable difference between the Attorney General's ruling and the Police Dept's actions is incomprehensible. The system is broken.