2017 has been a strategic year for Atlanta rap. The folks down south have continued to keep hip-hop in a chokehold, with non-stop quality releases blessing our collective ears since the first week of January. Future, Young Thug, 21 Savage, Playboi Carti, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Sahbabii -  the city is always being repped to the fullest. Migos, ATL’s Nawfside neighbors, are a crucial part of this roster and took Atlanta to new heights this past year by landing their first #1 single in “Bad and Boujee.”

With Takeoff being the youngest member and Offset in and out of jail during their initial rise to prominence, Quavo was often deemed the defacto leader of Migos. However, “Bad and Boujee” seemed to kick off a feverish discussion about the oft-slept on merits of Offset (as well as the constant underappreciation of Takeoff - who was left off of the smash hit). Where Quavo often shuns traditional rap verses to bring a certain je ne sais quoi with his melodic touches, Offset makes sure to always rap. This has quickly won over even the most staunch critics of Migos, establishing Set as the go-to rapper in the group. His rise as a critical darling has fatefully coincided with the Migos’ hitting their commercial peak, positioning Offset to become the first one in the group to truly break out as a solo artist.

And with Without Warning, he’s effectively delivered on that premise. With Metro on the the board and just 21 Savage by his side, it’s hard to think about how well choreographed this entire dance has been. This is his first outing, his first official commercial project, without the aid of his two usual counterparts, and he absolutely smashes every single verse. And with his recent engagement to Cardi B, Offset is on the verge of becoming rap royalty.

Since he was released from his most recent bid, back in December of 2015, Offset has kept his head down and all but lived in the studio. He’s shown a relentless dedication to his craft that has paid off in spades. Over the past two years, the quality of his work has been staggeringly consistent, even exhibiting an upward trend as of late. Meaning, the best is yet to come.

Presented below is a timeline of Offset’s rise to prominenc