Kanye West has had a long and tumultuous relationship with the paparazzi. "I hate these n*ggas more than the Nazis," he rapped on 2007's "Flashing Lights." In summer 2013, he was involved in a physical altercation with a certain member of the paps and was charged with assault. The case was finally settled out of court in April of last year. More recently, however, he's taken a more amicable stance toward the celebrity photographers and reporters who haunt the city where he and his family reside. 

Last month, he broke up a fight between two photographers who had turned on one another in their attempts to get a close-up of Ye as he was leaving LAX. Today, Kanye was spotted by a member of the paparazzi as he was waiting outside of the gym (after a session that consisted of all chest and no legs, we presume). The cameraman could tell Kanye was waiting on a ride, and instead of grilling him about his latest Twitter rant, the man politely asked if he could escort Mr. West wherever he needed to go. 

Surprisingly, Kanye accepted the offer right away. "OK, I'll ride with you then," he said, clearly enamored by his new exclusive means of transportation. "I don't need Uber anymore. I just have the paps take me where I want to go." 

Kanye then started up a conversation with his new driver, asking if he's offended by being referred to as "the paps," whilst climbing into the captain's seat. There's no footage of the drive itself, but there's another clip of Kanye eventually arriving at his destination, perhaps his own estate.

While Ye is walking away from the vehicle, the paps got to sneak in one last question for a final keepsake. "What's a message for your fans," yelled the driver, to which the "Ultralight Beam" rapper responded, "I love you, let's make the world a better place." 

And he didn't even have to tip. No more Ubers in L.A.