It's been a long time coming, ladies and gentlemen, but we are happy to report on the release of the official trailer to Power season six. Although for the longest time, 50 Cent and other executives tied to the show have stated that this would be the final season, the rapper circled back to let fans know the show was far too good to stopThe producers of the show had previously said that they already had ideas for several spin-off series hence we are not sure what to expect as of yet. 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, shared the following nearing the end of last month. "I have decided not to end POWER," wrote Curtis Jackson on social media, uploading an image of himself at a red carpet event. "When you see season 6 you will understand why."

Either way, it appears we shall be the ones to be the judge of quality as the sixth season's airing is fast approaching. Once more, we find our beloved characters in the thick of the drama, family feuds, personal vendettas, crime, legalities, and life-threatening situations. To note, Power returns on August 25th. Check out the trailer to the upcoming season above.