Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks have found their next head coach and thankfully, for the Knick faithful, his name is not Kurt Rambis. 

According to Bleacher Report, Jeff Hornacek has agreed to become the next head coach and will be tasked with dragging the Knicks out of the gutter that they have found themselves in.

Hornacek coached the Phoenix Suns for 52 games last season before being fired, but that shouldn't be a cause for concern for Knicks fans. In 2014 he improved the Suns record by 23 games and was runner-up for Coach of the Year. And besides, anybody but Rambis was the Knicks fan rallying cry this off-season. 

Furthermore, Hornacek's modern, fast paced style of offense isn't focused around any obscure shapes or mythological creatures and doesn't necessarily conform with Phil Jackson's style of play. That is an encouraging sign for the Knicks and their fanbase. 

Jeff Hornacek certainly is not the answer to all of the Knicks problems (they'll still need to land a point guard in free agency than can mesh with Hornacek's uptempo style of play, among other peices) but this could be exactly the unforeseen change of pace that the beleaguered franchise so desperately needs.