In the last month, Disney has been going wild throwing teaser trailers into the world for what people are calling "live action" remakes of some of their classic animated films. The teasers including Aladdin, Dumbo and, most importantly, The Lion KingAlthough Dumbo and Aladdin do have human actors in them, the new Lion King is, in keeping with old-school Disney before the owned most production companies, very much an animated movie.

Many fans will no doubt be disappointed by the new film's look which, in comparison to the original's breathtaking colours, is pretty drab. Although, what can you possibly do to measure up to such a genre-defining classic that holds such dear place in the childhood of almost every North American under the age of 30, or even 40.

A Spanish YouTuber, Sowick, edited together shots from the original to match the new trailer ("a 'vintage' version of the new one, with the old look and images") and the resulting similarities serve, in the end, to underscore the differences between the two.

The new Lion King will release in summer 2019 on July 19th, only four days before the beginning of the season of the Leo. Coincidence? Watch the full comparison below: